[T3] 73 fastback

Keith Park topnotch at nycap.rr.com
Fri Dec 31 09:05:23 PST 2010

I have Injectors, manifolds, seals IAD, TPS, Temps sensors, etc. for a 73
including the ECU.  I MAY have a good harness, I don't have a pressure
sensor but that may still be on the car too...its under the left side of the
engine compartment.  What distributor does the car have in it?  it will need
the correct distributor.


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the car  has the original engine that was converted to a single two barrel 
carb. I  don't know why.

someone removed the carb.

the gentleman who  owned it died very shortly after the conversion. 
according to his  son.

i have every intention  of converting it back to FI if i keep  it.

If indeed i can do that for say $500, then it is a no  brainer.

There are two vw graveyards in this area, i will check and see  if they 
have anything.

Probably something went wrong with either the fuel pump (because the fuel  
over flow hose was cracked or broken), or something else in the engine  
electrical became intermittent and the mechanic working on it couldn't
figure it 
 out. Those are the common reasons for the carb conversion. The one you 
have, is  called a Weber Progressive. This is probably the worst conversion
there, but  also the most common that seems to have been done. The carb was 
probably pulled  off for some other car (like a pinto, vega, dodge K-car) 
to get it to run, since  they all can use that carb. 
I don't know IF you can swap it back for say 500, but it'll be close, as it 
 depends on how much of a hurry you are in. You might just have to do some  
looking in odd places, as most of these cars (type 3s) have already been  
scrapped and crushed. However, parts from a Squareback can be used for the 
FI,  along with body parts like the front fenders, doors and rear fenders 
(they  interchange) as does the entire floor pan.  

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