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Tim Keohane rheorojo at wildblue.net
Thu Oct 28 08:08:38 PDT 2010

I will put my best battery on charge and let it go for a few days.  
Then on trickle for a few more days.  I'll also test both leads ( from  
the V R ) and do the same test on low beams.
The car is a '73 and fuel injected so the battery state is more  
critical. ( As you know ) Automatic tranny which we like.

It's possible that the VR has failed, but it seems clear that even a
perfectly good one will not do any better with those high beams. I
would try to take some more measurements, but with the low beams.
It's also not important to take measurements at idle, since nothing
is really working at that speed.

It's also important to take your charging system measurements with a
fully charged battery. Otherwise, the battery will pull your readings
down and confuse the picture. The best way to get a fully charged
battery is to charge it very slowly for a long time. If the battery
has not been used for several months, a long time may equal a week or
more. If it's been in constant use, overnight should be enough. A
quick fast charge is never as good as a long slow one.

What year is your car, and is it carbed or FI?

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