[T3] Help! My seats wont slide...removing?

Dave Hall dave at hallvw.clara.co.uk
Sat Oct 30 03:17:41 PDT 2010

The seatback on a '62 is released by a small lever on the A-post (door
hinges mount there) at the bottom so it locks in the up position when the
door is shut.  A cable runs to it along the floorpan.  Probably the cable
has broken (fail-safe).  Under the seat base there is a cable that you can
reach under and pull, which should release the backrest.  I confess it's
been so long since I owned one with the cable-locked backrest that I'm not
sure where it has to be detached from.  If you can get it moving, it should
be clear.

The seats themselves are held by the side lever which moves a latching bar
and further forward movement is stopped by a leaf spring on the tunnel side
rail.  Press down while lifting the adjusting lever and it should move over
the spring and slide off.  It sounds as if the runners are seized, so you
could try having someone in the rear seat pushing with their feet, or evenly
hit the back at the sides with a heavy rubber hammer.  Take care not to
crack the paint, it's thick textured paint.  Some WD40 or similar on the
rails will probably help.

UK VW Type 3&4 Club

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Hello all,
1962 Notch with Salt and Pepper orignal seats.
My passenger seat will not slide when I lift the lever(maybe one notch with
some HARDCORE forcing) nor will the seatback tilt forward. I can get my
driver seat to maybe slide forward and back 3 notches as well as the
seatback does tilt. My question (rather simple I'm sure, but I tried
researching) is:
How do I remove the seats out of my Notch if the seat doesn't want to slide?
If the seats did work correctly....simply how is the removal accomplished?
(Read something about a tab and a flat head???) Once, if, Im able to get the
seats out.....how do I fix the passenger seat to have the seatback tilt
Bill McInerney Jr

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