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Gary Forsmo gbforsmo at gmail.com
Sun Dec 25 14:03:38 PST 2011

Make sure the centrifugal advance mechanism is working.

Measure the system voltage with the engine running at 2000 rpm or
higher. It should be above 14 V at the battery. (or 1/2 V higher at
the generator, or 1/2 V lower at the fuse box.) If it's below 13.5 V,
replace the voltage regulator. If it's VERY low, as in never budges
above 12.5 V, you may want to email me for my charging system faq so
you can check out the whole system to find the root problem.

Make sure the timing is set to TDC at idle (leftmost timing mark on
your pulley.)

Make sure the vacuum hose to the pressure sensor is connected on BOTH

It's probably not fuel related, unless they (mis)adjusted the fuel
pressure. It should be 30 psi. There's some chance that something had
been misadjusted to cover up a problem before you took it in.

And after all that, (Jim) could in be the injectors do NOT have a solid
ground?  Like my '69, FI, MT that had terrible "mis-fires/bucking" which
Jim fixed with a Belleville Washer at the two Fuel Injector Ground Wires.

Gary "Frito" -- '69 Variant, FI, MT
Rockport, TX -- "Winter"
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