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Hi there
My 2010cc T-3 square is a semi-retired daily driver with 42 DCNF's.  I frankly cannot remember the jetting but I believe it has 135 mains, 195 air correctors, 55 idles.  The starter valves have been de-commissioned, (I have a tutorial on this at the 356 registry site...here's the link:
I've never heard of soldering them, but I suspect this could be accomplished without heat-distorting the passages, but not by me.
Another link at the Porsche site is one in which I describe the basic set-up principles for jetting these carbs:
Anyway, I'm happy that someone can operate these linkages in a T-3 without additional springs. If I can come to the gathering next summer, I will be interested to see the differences between the notch and square.  I suspect the reason lies in the differences.
Hope this helps.
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