[T3] A new T-34 owner?

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> A 35mph front crash into a fixed object generates approximately a 25g 
> decceleration!  The number can be much higher at higher speeds, 
> depemnding on what you hit.  Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards 
> (FMVSS) require testing at 25g front impact, 20g rear impact and seat 
> belt pull testing at 16Kn (3500lbs) on both the lap and shoulder belts 
> simultaneously.  This means the outer fixed end of the belt sees about 
> 7000lbs of load in this quasi-static test. 

Don't you mean the INNER end here? 


Actually, both the inner and outer lower anchors see the same load (assuming the retractor and fixed end share a common anchor point) since both the shoulder and lap belts each act on those anchors. 


John Jaranson 

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