[T3] T3 Master Cylinder, Axle Beam, Rocker Panels

Jim Adney jadney at vwtype3.org
Tue Jul 19 21:14:14 PDT 2011

On 19 Jul 2011 at 22:48, Bobsnotch at aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 7/19/2011 9:21:24 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,  
> max_welton_2k at yahoo.com writes:
> Actually, I think the inner bushings changed mid 68, didn't they? Along  
> with the spindles and inner wheel bearings?

> Don't know about the inner bushings (would have to look it up), but yes,  
> spindles, inner wheel bearings and tie rod ends changed sizes in mid 68.  

Okay, okay, okay, I went and checked the microfilm.  ;-)

Upper inner bushing changed at the beginning of '65.

Control arms, Pittman arms, and tie rod ends changed at the beginning 
of '68.

Inner wheel bearings and spindles/knuckles changed in mid-'68.

Knuckles and calipers changed in mid-'71.

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