[T3] Report from a VW Show

Know One knowonelse at sbcglobal.net
Sun Jul 24 20:12:20 PDT 2011

I forgot to mention it here, but there was a VW show in Auburn, CA today that I went to. It's only about 25 miles from home. I've been getting together with a new local VW group in the past month, State Route 49 VDubs http://stateroutevdubs.forumfemina.com, the site for the show is http://www.trpindoorswapmeet.com/. They will probably have pictures up on the show. I'll keep checking.

It was well attended with loads of bugs and busses and a few T3's.

Mine was the only squareback, there were 2 Fastys and about a half dozen notches. The highlight of the T3s for me was a '65 RH drive from Australia. No T34s at all.

I learned how the pop-out window is put together and how the two seals fit in from someone checking out my car. Nice.

I scored at the swap meet. Someone brought a stash of T3 stuff. He wasn't really familiar with T3s, but did his homework and labeled what he could identify. I helped him with a few pieces to confirm their usage. The highlights of what I bought include:
- Speedometer with trip odo for $10 which I desperately needed as my needle is a wooden match stick and limits out at 55 mph. I don't care about the trip odo, but hey it's good to have it.
 - A bunch of 90 degree spark plug ends, I picked up two sets worth for a buck apiece.* All I need is some wire, as I got some good plug ends also.
- Because it was only $5, I got a really dash instrument cluster. Mine is still quite oxidized. Neesd dismantling and gluing of a piece.
- A pair of dual port carb spacers with paper gaskets*
- Some nice soft rubber spark plug-to-cooling tin seals, two sets for a buck a set*
- 12 position fuse block with good legs, cover and fuses for $3
- T3 Thermostat linkage - I bought both he had, so if anyone needs one I got an extra one
- Exhaust gasket set for a stock muffler (now all I need is the muffler!)
- Bosch breaker plate complete for T3 68-74, and since I have one in mine, it'll work well for me* 1 237 110 064 000

* He has more of these available, Jay 775-762-3884 cell. He is in Reno and has sold a bunch of his T3 stuff on The Samba. I don't know his handle there. 

He has several tie rod ends - 311 415 812BC
I don't know the application of these, but there are the numbers.
He also had Nakata brand one 102.415.811.1, but not sure if T3.

The one item he couldn't identify turned out to be the seal on a Squareback that goes above the oil filler and latch across the rear for the rear hatch. It fits into a groove and has a round shape. I got all three for $2, so if anyone needs one, I have a couple extra.

Jeff '67 Sqbk

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