[T3] windshields and notes

Dave Hall dave at hallvw.clara.co.uk
Sun Nov 6 10:37:15 PST 2011

The originals also only have one join.  I've never seen one with moulded
glued corner sections, like the door, bonnet (hood) or boot (trunk) seals.
The originals do seem to have shaping at the corners, so I presume they have
some sort of post glueing moulding process.  We had a company in the UK
making neoprene seals, and they had on-going problems with the rubber
cockling at the lower corners - they never cured it.  I think they were
making these on the 'night-shift' while working on seal production for a
domestic glazing company.

The company disappeared rather suddenly, and while the extrusion dies were
passed to someone else, I've not seen any Type 3 products since.

UK VW Type 3&4 Club

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ISPWest is selling a 'new' version of window seals, they came out a couple
months ago.  There is definitely a difference in the lip as there are more
ribs inside where the old one only had a single rib.  They call them molded,
but they don't have molded corners glued in.  But they do have a much better
window shape to them than the older version.  I bought a front and rear and
will install when I get my car back from paint and get the headliner in.  I
put some pics up in a thread on theSamba of the insides of the seals.


On 11/5/11 4:24 PM, Keith Park wrote:
> All type 3 windshields were the FCW 160, the seals were different.  The
> seals are obsolete so you need to use the available seal and remove the
> retaining clips.  The PROBLEMS are that the rubber that a good many of the
> seals were made from is good for a year, maybe 2 in the sunlight and they
> don't fit properly.  There are 2 kinds, the ones with the 5/8" outer lip
> the one with the 7/8", the 5/8" will be short and not cover the lip.  They
> ALL Leak and require extra sealant.
> As for the windshields, some of the aftermarket ones don't fit well or at
> all, the Econo supply units are about 1/2" too tall and need to be cut,
> units that weren't stored properly will be warped and a problem fitting
> PITA really... been thru this twice recently!
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