[T3] back at it...

Brian Fye bfye at canyonville.net
Thu Nov 10 14:16:33 PST 2011

Purple notch was pulled into the garage yesterday to finish putting the
turbo and 4 barrel carb back in.  Once that is completed, then I need to
pull the IDFs off the blue squareback's stock engine and put stock carbs
back on it.
Once that is completed, then the IDFs get bigger venturies put in and they
go on the pink notchback's engine.
If all that gets completed by the end of Christ's Mass break, the beige
squareback gets worked on.
Next summer (post Invasion) I will start on the Gulf Notch Project.

This time, I am doing only one project at a time!  I swear!!!

Brian Fye
Canyonville Christian Academy
541 839 4401 ext. 110
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