[T3] Plastic Grommets between quarter and back glass

Dennis Stiefel dlstiefel at dekalbk12.org
Tue Apr 10 07:12:49 PDT 2012

>I only have one of the 6 plastic grommets that goes between the back and
quarter for the rear ventilation in the headliner on the fastback and it's
in very fragile shape. I'm guessing that these things have not been >made in
many years and finding a good set would be challenging.  Our drafting
instructor said he can measure the one I have plug that in a computer with a
3-D software that is working with a milling machine that cuts >plastic.  He
said it may not be perfect and may have to sand and file a little here and
there but he can make them. What is everybody else's experiences with these
(if any)? Here is the photo of the one I have.




>Dennis Stiefel


>72 Fastback       

Well since there has been no response to this post I guess no one has had
any dealings with this but that's ok hopefully our drafting instructor can
replicate this part.


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