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Marion McDonald mmmpwm at bellsouth.net
Sun Apr 22 08:29:48 PDT 2012

Dennis, my spouse and I were at Bugapaluza yesterday also.  I am sorry we
did not run into each other.  I didn't take my T3 this year, but I should
have since the number of T3 attendee was low. My 65 Beetle was parked next
to the green 52 split window you photographed.

Marion McDonald
Lawrenceville, Ga.
71 T3 FB
65 T1
60 T1   

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Subject: [T3] Bugapaluza
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Bugapaluza is one of the VW events that happens in the region of the country
I live in this time of the year. It was bigger this time but sadly fewer
type 3s as well. Here is a few photos I took today. Look at the one that
shows the interior of the 64 notch and see what looks out of place and there
is a squareback that is very much on the dark side.


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