[T3] Alternators for T-3's...

Keith Park topnotch at nycap.rr.com
Fri Apr 27 18:32:47 PDT 2012

I just never found the alternator I had to be any more stable than the
Generator, it wouldn't charge at idle and its regulator worked about as well
as the T3 one in maintaining system voltage above an idle, I think its
entirely up to the regulator above an idle as to weather the voltage is
steady or not.

Its possible on these kits that they have sized the pulley small enough that
they charge at idle, but then they may be overspeeding at highway speeds...
I just don't know but a stock T4 alternator with a stock pulley does NOT
charge at idle (and I was surprised when I first found this out!)

Rebuilt generators are that $$??  WOW!  I just change the brushes every
40-50K and blow them out, never changed a bearing never touched the
commutator and Ive been using these same 2 generators for nearly 25 years

I ought to rebuild the other cores I have and stick them up on the Samba
with a guarantee!


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Well, I  know not everybody agree's with me but I gotta say, I think its 
a  waste of time and money going to an alternator especially with a stock  
near stock car.  Yes, alternators are more efficient but ya know,  when I 
the T4 engine in it with the Bosch alternator I still didn't  have positive
charging at idle and could see no difference in any of the  electric's over
the stock T3 generator and I have lots of extra loads on  the system like
dual beam headlights, foglights, power windows, and a whole  trailer full of
lights that gets pulled for hours at a time in the  summer.

I do need to replace brushes every 40K mi or so, but that's  cheap and easy.

Just my opinion...

Well for some, the idea of going to an alternator is that it provides a  
stable voltage for the FI. Others like the idea of it charging the battery
idle, while it might appeal to some that it's cheaper than buying a t-3 
rebuilt  one, who's quality is iffy.  

Bob 65 Notch  S with sunroof and IRS (Krusty)
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