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I think belts get that shiny glaze on them from friction more than anything, unless you actually do have oil blowing on it, which sounds like a pretty major issue.  The heat produced from whirring around two pulleys under tension wears the rubber and probably does the equivalent of 'cooking' it a little on the surface.  That said, sand paper would be able to knock down some of that glaze and wouldn't be a bad temp fix if it's squealing a lot and you can't replace it.  The first thing I'd do is make sure you've got the right amount of tension on it.  If it's still slipping after adjustment, I'd just replace it, they're pretty inexpensive.

I wonder if Muir noted this as an extra warning for the Type 1 and 2 crowd who, if their belts slip too much, wind up overheating.  Good thing the T-3's have the fan on the crank!


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> >The Muir book has a line that says a shiny fan belt will slip...as mine seems to do once in a while.
> >
> >Question:?? Would a little sandpaper solve the shiny problem??
> >Or, if part of the problem is accumulation, over time, of blown in oil, could the belt be cleaned with, maybe, some gasoline followed by >a good rub with Mechanic's hand cleaner, then a rinse?
> >
> >Or are belts so cheap and easy to find that all that's not worth the trouble?
> There is a product called Belt Dressing.  It's a spray can that makes
> the surface of the belt 'sticky' again.  I've used it a few times,
> but it's really just a stop-gap measure if a new belt isn't available.
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