[T3] Bosch electronic Regulators

Keith Park topnotch at nycap.rr.com
Fri Apr 13 09:13:08 PDT 2012

Well for a while now ive had the glowing generator light on the cold
mornings, that went away as things warmed up but this morning, the car was
in the garage, sitting for a week or so, about 40 degree's and It started up
with a bright red generator light.  It wasn't charging, 12.3V, even when
revved a little.  This SLOWLY got better as it warmed up and when I went
down the road it came back to Normal and charged and regulated Normally but
for this to act this way at only 40 degree's is a big two thumbs down for
the Electronic Bosch Regulators.

Whats going to happen when its 15 degree's out and I need to drive the car?
I used to drive it much colder than that!  I mean, if this design or its
parts are that marginal to the point that a 30 degree drop in temperature
causes failure than I really cant count on this regulator to be reliable.

All this leads me to start thinking of my "Resurect a Regulator" project.  I
have several regulators that have good power resistors on them but bad
diodes,  anyone found a successful replacement for the diode on these?  I
can probably find or rewind a power resistor but I do have several good
ones.  I gotta get a mechanical one back on there, my warm and fuzzy is

And besides, an electronic one isn't *stock*



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