[T3] Steering Column Bearing

Jeremy Menzies skellzangelz at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 15 10:13:30 PDT 2012

I had a quick question and thought maybe someone here knew the answer off the top of their head.  I need to replace the bearing in my steering column (lots of up and down play on the wheel) and I took a look at it the other day but didn't measure the inside diameters of the bearing.  I've noticed there are a couple sizes in the same style, so I don't want to order the wrong one.  Anyone know the inside diameter of the correct one for a '71?  Or know the part number?  I've looked over the parts pages on the T3 wiki and I don't see the same part in the drawings, mine is the type without the plastic sleeves and horn wire.

I found airhead parts has this one: http://www.airheadparts.com/vintage-vw-parts/steering-column/bearing-steering-column-111953559-a  listed as a match but I'm always wary of the 'matches' some sites list.


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