[T3] The VR39 voltage regulator

Keith Park topnotch at nycap.rr.com
Sat Apr 28 18:06:13 PDT 2012

Well it looks like Standard ignition is now using the trade name Intermotor
but they are made in the USA, one of the few things left!

Looking at it it uses the same housing that the old Bosch's did but with
beefier wirewound power resistors wrapped around a rod and a
1N5817 diode instead of the Germanium Idunnowhat that the Bosch's used.

I look inside shows the 2 relays and the same functionality but different
manufacture parts and coil springs instead of leaf springs for the
Relay's, perhaps the coil springs don't hold their tension as accurately as
the leaf springs?  Nothing looks terribly cheap or crappy, but not the Bosch
quality eather.

Ill install it and let everyone know how it goes and where it regulates but
this looks like a decent replacement for the old Bosch's and at around $25, 
Its pretty affordable.


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