[T3] Happy New Year

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Happy New Year everyone!

Ha...  I have all of you in the Snow Belt beat, and just 20 miles north of NYC too!  It's not a contest I ever want to be first at again.  We had a freak rain-very wet snow storm the Saturday before Halloween, (a NorEaster).  By the end of the storm we had about 8" (not counting the rain) of very heavy snow on everything. The snow was so wet and heavy that the trees, (most still had their green-colorful leaves still on) never had a chance, and snapped like dry twigs.  Many roads were closed due to downed trees and wires.  We lost power for days, some in our little county were out for over a week.  Thankfully it's been warm and wet to cold and dry since with only a flurry here or there.  



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[[[We've had a lot of rain this last month, dotted  with a couple of light
dustings (bringing out the salt trucks), but nothing to shovel (yet).]]]

Same here, Bob. We KNOW we are going to have to pay for this with some big
snowstorms this winter.....but to not have to shovel yet is AMAZING here in
upstate New York!

Happy New Year to all, and what a good year it'll be with an Invasion on the
horizon! :-)

Dave Pallo
'72 Square ~ "Elwood"
Fairport, NY

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