[T3] no start -- but just drove it!

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I  returned at lunch and poked around.  Never did start.  I pushed it  down 
hill and popped the clutch, then drove home.  At least it's in  the driveway
now for further investigation.

When you get a chance, see if the small wire fell off the starter. If it's  
still there, it's possible that the starter has developed a "dead" spot. 
I've  had several do this over the years, and I add an extra wire that I can 
touch the  battery + post if needed. If possible, use a screw driver to 
"jump" the  terminals on the starter, to see if it still works. Remember, set the 
parking  brake, and put the car in neutral first. Report back with what you 

Bob 65 Notch  S with sunroof and IRS (Krusty)
71 Notch (Krunchy)
64 T-34 Ghia  (Wolfie)
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