[T3] Fuel Pump, it lives!

Brion Sabbatino brionsab at msn.com
Sun Jan 15 19:52:14 PST 2012

> Jim Wrote
> On 15 Jan 2012 at 18:35, Brion Sabbatino wrote:
> > Two shots of
> > starting fluid and the pump and carburetors are primed and she idles
> > nicely. Take out for a round the block shake out test. Pull her back
> > in and observe the engine bay and underside. Not too bad. Seems the
> > left rocker cover is leaking smartly, so a new cork gasket is in
> > order, and the Solix carburetors are popping a bit. Need to clean,
> > adjust, and balance them. Not too bad for a vehicle that has sat in
> > the desert heat for six years.
> Nice goin', congratulations!

Thanks, All it takes is time of which I have none.

> > Of course the gas gauge does not register and the fuel tank over flow
> > vent (I know Jim) needs replacement. Minor things. 
> The gas gauge may free up after it gets driven awhile. If it doesn't, 
> I can rebuild it, and send the overflow kit back in the same box.

It might free up or it might be a loose wire. I will look into it later this week. They are pretty simple to repair. Thanks for the offer. I have a NOS VW overflow that is perfect. I do believe your kit is superior. 

> > The car is 1969 Squareback. The PO had a new engine rebuilt 1970 case
> > with the earlier Duel Solix set up. It has been a good VW day! 
> Sounds like a nice car. How's the rust? If the body is sound, that's 
> a very desirable year. The 1970 case, with the larger oil pump and 
> passages, is a nice upgrade.

The body is a 9. The desert is very forgiving as far as metal is concerned. Only on spot of rust. It is very tiny under the left rear fender. Looks like someone ran over a curb. I had to get under the car to even notice it. The Battery area was repaired. Other than that even the pans are original paint. I need to get the plastic runners for the seat guides, repo's available again. Do the headliner, and reinstall the interior. Will need a few more little bits along the way.

I am going to have to sell both my Squarebacks once they are done. I need the cash to pay for the restoration of the 69K mile bus. A desert find. An artist (now up in his years) used it as a storage shed.

If only we could keep them all. Wait a minute! The snobby town crowd hates my yard.
> Keep us posted.  ;-)
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