[T3] Salt in Seattle?

Jeremy Menzies skellzangelz at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 28 21:08:43 PST 2012

I think it's true.  My brother lives in Seattle and was lamenting the fact that this year they are going to switch (at least to some extent) from sand to salt.  Bad news for anyone with a car!  I know Seattle gets snow pretty much every year as far as I know.  Certainly not as much as the NE regularly gets but definitely a lot in the surrounding mountains (Olympics and Cascades) and at least a little in the Seattle area.  This year they got hit with a pretty huge storm just a couple weeks ago, I heard that they got the same amount of snow they do in one year over like a 48 hour period (or something to that effect).


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> Subject: [T3] Salt in Seattle?
> I was watching the national news (which is often wrong) and they mentioned
> salting the roads in Seattle WA with the snow they got recently.  First off,
> DO they salt there? I didn't think they salted anywhere in the Northwest of
> the US and if you seldom get any snow I wouldn't think you would even have
> the ability to salt.
> Just curious.
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