[T3] '74 Type 3s?

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Sun Jan 29 06:30:51 PST 2012

Maybe this might clear up my post some. I didn't think it would look as  
messed up as it did. Sorry about that. They do break it down more, for both 
LHD  and RHD along with sunroof cars, but you'll have to sift thru my previous 
1962- total of 120 left out of 8540 produced
1963- total of 138 left out of 6719 produced
1964- total of 257 left out of 7365 produced
1965- total of 222 left out of 6870 produced 
1966- total of 185 left out of 5947 produced
1967- total of  90 left out of 2798 produced
1968- total of 120 left out of 2554 produced
1969- total of 113 left out of 1044 produced
This means there are 1252 surviving T-34s out of the 42,505 total built  
world wide. :O
I think the T-3 registry was trying to gather similar info, so that we can  
find out how many cars are still around out all of those produced. However, 
not  everyone is connected to the internet,or knows about the site.
Bob 65 Notch  S with sunroof and IRS (Krusty)
64 T-34 Ghia (Wolfie)  
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