[T3] Starting engine over hall

Dennis Stiefel dlstiefel at dekalbk12.org
Fri Jan 13 18:38:24 PST 2012

Just got through dropping off the crank case and heads off at a VW shop
about 50 miles from here.  Wasn't to encouraged on what he said.  He said he
didn't know for sure till he got everything cleaned up good but the spark
holes in both of the heads look like they have cracks around them. It's been
so long since I have worked with air cooled VWs I forgot that's a bad thing.
But still waiting on the final answer on that.  If the news is bad then I
will be on a hunt for a pair of FI heads.  Afraid to ask how big a deal that
will be. I got the usual speech I get from most VW folks around here (you
sure you want to go with FI you know they don't make a lot of the parts for
them any more). Any way maybe the case is salvageable.  Sorry to be a downer
it's just this is the closest I have been to getting it going in decades and
just hope I don't hit to many more big road blocks.  On a more positive note
I will post an update on my video log on this here soon.


Dennis Stiefel      

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