[T3] Accelerator Cable Install

Brent Bottolfson brent at bottolfson.net
Mon Jan 16 18:01:57 PST 2012

Just an update on my accelerator cable sticking.

I was having problems getting the springs on the carbs to pull the pedal 
back up.  With all the fiddling around I cut my cable too short.  So, 
today a put in a new cable that was lightly coated with grease and 
hooked it all up.  Still sticking.

Now for the big reveal.

The pin for the roller lever was dry.  A few drops of heavy oil, let it 
sit for awhile and then worked it in.  It works just fine now.  
Sometimes the little things like that are right in front of me, had I 
just taken a step back and thought about it...


On 11/29/11 7:35 PM, Jim Adney wrote:
> On 29 Nov 2011 at 22:14, Bobsnotch at aol.com wrote:
>> Brent, are they smooth when at the engine end of the car? Normally
>> something like this is caused by the carpet hanging up the throttle pedal, but I
>> don't think you have the carpet in it yet. Check the cable housing ends like
>> Jim  mentioned, as you might find something.
> Ah yes, the old sticky carpet problem. Even though it's the most
> common cause of a spontaneous problem (that arises suddenly on a car
> that had been running correctly) I usually forget to mention this
> one.
> If the carpet's there, check that it hasn't slipped down slightly and
> is catching the little cam on the back of the throttle pedal. To fix
> this, reposition the carpet AND file off the little burr on the edge
> of that cam that actually does the catching.
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