[T3] 1971 Fastback w/manual transmission

Art Sterrett asterrett2010 at att.net
Tue Apr 2 14:25:32 PDT 2013

After I installed my gauges I attempted to start the car and it acted as though the battery was run down, I recharged the battery and the next day attempted to start it again.  It turned over once and I have not got it to turn over since.

I connected terminals 30 and 50 and the starter would not spin.  When I connected from terminal 50 to the spade connector on the solenoid, the solenoid engages.  The only thing I didn't check was the voltage at terminal 50 which I believe has to be 7 or above.  I will do that!

This Fastback has had starting problems before, the last time I had to replace the ignition switch because it had come apart.  I took the battery to Interstate and they put a full charge on it and ran a load test, etc. and told me the battery was fine.  I have checked and cleaned all the connections in the starter circuit.

I found out today that Port City Foreign Car has a mechanic that worked at the VW dealership here in Mobile and has considerable experience on these cars, although says he hasn't worked on that many in the last 10 or 15 years because there aren't that many around here anymore.

Art Sterrett
Mobile, Alabama
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