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Thin and Flimsy?  The reason I drive my T3 on severe weather days is because
it has the thickest metal and would survive a hailstorm best.  Todays body
filler has tremendous flex to it, if they have cracking issues then they are
adding WAAAAAY too much Hardner or using some Chinese filler or something,
flex shouldn't be an issue.  What might be irritating them is that our
fenders are made of straight gauge steel and all modern cars are "High
strength" steel, big difference in feel but the new stuff is actually far
thinner and more "flimsy" in my opinion.

Leaning up the engine on the warmup curve is easy, just add a shunt resistor
to ground on the head temp sensor.  This is often necessary these days to
get things just right as stuff has drifted over the years.  If the sensor is
say, 2500 ohms, add a shunt that will bring it down to say 1800 and see how
it runs there,  sometimes the right idle mixture will cause it to stall or
try to stall once on startup but then it should run perfectly.  Make sure
your aux air regulator is working properly too, or you wont have any high
idle on warmup.


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Yes I agree Keith.  This guy is good at what he does but he only likes to do
quickie insurance jobs on late model cars.  He feels like that is where the
money is and what he needs to be focusing on as far as training his students
on.  I personally feel like the kids need a variety of different challenges
to build their skills on but that's me.  I will look in to that shunt
resistor.  Do they sale those at Radio Shack?  I have check the AAR best I
can tell it's working properly.


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