[T3] The Winter Gas

Dennis Stiefel dlstiefel at dekalbk12.org
Tue Oct 22 10:01:27 PDT 2013

Not related to Winter Gas, or roads, but ...

Did I miss your post about Clementine?
Was it to be auctioned off?
Did you have the winning bid?
Was the car in your family previously?
I would like to know?  Maybe others too.

Gary "Frito" - '69 Variant, FI, MT
Rockport, TX (winter)
Lake Geneva, WI (summer)
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Sorry Gary didn't mean to get off topic.  I'm bad about chasing rabbit. Yes
I missed it when whoever started the post.  It is in the auction proses now
it a seal bid. The bid is up Thursday morning. No one but me has bid so far
and it started nearly 2 weeks ago. If all goes well I will buy it back
Thursday.  Yes my dad bought the car new at DePaul Volkswagen in Gadsden AL
on October 10, 1972.  I learned how to drive on this car. Done my first oil
change on it. My wife and I (been married 27 years 3 boys one grandson) had
our first date in it. I could write a book on this car and all my experience
with it. I may do that some day. 

Dennis Stiefel
72 Fastback FI MT
Rainsville, AL  

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