[T3] Auto Tranny Tuning

Adam Douglass one4house at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 27 17:53:21 PDT 2013

I got my 70 square on the road today. There were a few problems, but it is sorted out and ready to ride.

I need some help adjusting the shifting of the automatic transmission. As she is now, she goes into second too soon and she doesn't want to shift to third unless you let of of the gas fully and trick her. This is not good.

This is my first full auto VW. I need some tips and tricks for getting the shift points figured out. Here is a link to a samba thread that chronicles my build so that you can see what I have already done. 


I had to tee off of the balancing tube that runs between the two carbs to capture a vacuum signal to run to the shift module. This might not be optimal, so I am open to any suggestions that anyone might have for tuning and vacuum signal. Here is a picture of how I robbed the signal. I have no idea why they decided on 1/2" barbs out of the manifolds, but they did and I worked with it.


Looking forward to hearing back.

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