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Adriel Rowley adriel_rowley at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 12 21:47:39 PDT 2014

Well, not a V.W., but want to put this out there as a reminder. I am still shook up... 

If you are trying to start an engine, have a good large fire extinguisher handy! It could have gotten out of hand VERY fast, but had to take a second, calm down, then get a fire extinguisher from the Mercedes a hundred feet away. If you have hair that might get in the way, put it back before starting repair work. I lost part of my handle bar mustache and singed a good part of my hair in the back. Still not sure how it happened, other than the hood was at that time only part way up. Other damage was a burned up wiper blade, singed paint, and singed spark plug wire. We are blessed I didn't burn down a rare classic auto, the garage, or worse Oma's home!

The fire most likely was due to a leaking carbrettor gasket leading to fuel poring into the manifold. From there, not sure what happened. I was never taught in auto class when we would do the same procedures to have a fire extinguisher handy. No excuse, as what matters is I learned a life lesson and hope to pass it on and save someone or something.

Thank you so very much~


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