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> Prolly 1/2 Oma's fault since she hasn't fixed or sold it for umpteen
> years!
No, all mine. Oma told me to get my blood sugar up, but I was too much in a hurry to get something done!

I found out why it got parked. Opa retired and used the money to by a brand new (first time for him or his wife) 1980 Toyota Corolla, bright yellow with brown plastic interior (Opa make carpet front seat carpets so it be comfortable in the summer). The only place to park it was in the drive, blocking the Impala from getting out of the garage. Instead of shuffling cars, it became easier for Oma to just have Opa take her in the new car (Oma prefers automatic shifting). Oma is still slightly attached to the Impala, as she was to the Corolla. The Corolla sat for ten years before a cousin had it hauled off. Made my Dad so mad because we never got any pictures of her. The only reason the Corolla was parked as blew a head gasket which was common for them. The shop teacher said it would keep on doing that, so I didn't get to have her. Kind of bums me, as might not have had the wreck I did. Also, I remember Oma sitting in the back with us boys on both sides and my baby sister on her lap, so Oma could read to us while in transit. Us kids hardly used safety belts as Oma and Opa were stuck in a prior era where things were easier going.  

Thank you so very much!
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