[T3] Fire!

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> Well replace all the rubber gas lines and get it running.  You could list
> it on EBay or Hemmings Motor News.
Oma has an appraiser that might be interested. Thus why I was doing all this work. If he passes, Oma has gotten latest auction data and my brother has gathered some, which comes to the Impala being worth $10,000. So once the appraiser is not interested, us men folk are going to list on Craigslist and Hemmings and see where it goes. Ebay is an interesting thought, but Oma wants control over who buys it...

Fuel lines up front are new, but don't know about the rear. I am using a jerry can in the engine compartment to try and get it running. Turns out she has a bad fuel pump, so will hopefully get that put in this evening.

Thank you so very much!
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