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Run the carbs dry!
With FI, that's more of a problem but our FI  doesn't seem to have a problem
with the ethanol, but I DO make sure I start  up and run the car at least
once over the winter to avoid  problems.
Don't do that. Running the system dry also dries out the fuel pump. BTDT  
won't make that mistake again. :O Ideally, you want at least a 1/2 a tank of  
good fuel and add some stabil to it. The idea behind doing that, is to keep 
 the rubber parts of the system lubricated.
Like Brian said about Idaho, Michigan has had ethanol fuels since the  
early 80's (10%), and it's not the problem Keith claims it is. Yes, you  get 
slightly lower fuel mileage, and you have to watch the water levels in  your 
fuel tank, but that's about it.
Last weekend I resurrected a FI equipped Squareback that hadn't ran in 6  
years. Unfortunately, part of the system was removed, so I had to spend time  
re-installing parts of it, but once I got a good fuel pump (3 bad ones in 
the  car, plus a leaking new pump), the car fired right off and ran very 
well. :-)  
So if your injectors are fairly new (or rebuilt), I don't think you'll  
have a problem. The key will be to run the pump, and have a fuel pressure  
gauge on it, so you can look for leaks, and make sure you have the 28 to 32  psi 
for the system to run. Remember, it's a simple system. ;-)  

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