[T3] So I was doing an oil change....

Don Robertson donrob at yachtsales.com
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Yes it does, unless the car is stored in a heated garage. The theory 
is the cold causes chemical changes in the petrochemical fractions 
themselves (e.g., the formation of long-chain hydrocarbon 
polymers).  In English, that means waxes form from the cold.

I spent many years in the boat business, and the universal policy 
from all the manufacturers was to change the oil in the fall just 
before haulout, and then change it again in the spring before the 
engine(s) had to do any work (anything for than idle).

At 11:01 PM 05/11/2014, you wrote:
>Oil doesnt go bad that quick, and I still need to drive it a bit before
>I do the final tuck in for the winter.
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