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The 009 is great at full throttlen only. Most 009's are not built to exacting tolerances. The stock German distributors are the best if in good working order. They will provide performance and power throughout the engines speed range. The 009 has a terrible powerless dead spot until the ram's are higher.  The distributor drive cam in the engine will have to be moved 180 degrees to allow for the adjustment and clearance of the correct distributor. Others with more knowledge on the list can tell you which model distributors will be best for you. Personally I use a  German SVDS in the Twin carbed car I drive. It is another option for you. Good you have your baby back.

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So, The Baroness is basically done.  Only thing holding it up is the
distributor.  Right now, I've got an 009 in there, which Lloyd put in when
we switched to carbs.  If I remember correctly, he could not fit the old
one with the vacuum can in the spot anymore.  Jason wants to put back a
vacuum advance dist,  Is this necessary?  Will it improve performance
enough to be worthwhile?  The B. is an automatic.


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