[T3] So I was doing an oil change....

Keith Park topnotch at nycap.rr.com
Wed Nov 5 20:02:49 PST 2014

Yea, I want the kind that fails open thats for sure.  "Not cheap" is the
problem, I do see them for around $100 but Im not nearly that desperate yet,
and even then, for $100 I can come up with another way of doing it... or fix
the bad ones.


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Fresh  oil for the winter storage and I noticed my thermostat was  blown,
CRAP!  Dwindling supply of these.  but when removing it I  found that the 
was detached,  HUH?

I changed it out, but  still. dwindling supply, I may take the old one and
try and find the  hole.  What kind of Alcohol is in them?
You do know there's a guy on the Samba that's selling new "old style"  ones 
right? They're not cheap, but they're the style that fails open, versus the 
 new VW stock that fail closed.

Bob 65 Notch  with Sunroof
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