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Don Robertson donrob at yachtsales.com
Sat Nov 8 03:47:52 PST 2014

I have only needed to polarize a generator once in my entire 
career.  I had a generator for a type 3 rebuilt using some part of a 
beetle generator (I don't remember which part, maybe the stator, and 
when I installed it, it didn't work. (Type 3 generators turn in the 
opposite direction to a Beetle).  Hooked a booster cable from the 
positive terminal of the battery to the terminal on the generator, 
and bingo the RPMs dropped at least 100 and you could hear the 
generator working.  Worked for ever more with no problems.

>The only time repolarizarion MIGHT be necessary would be if the
>generator had been taken COMPLETELY apart, particularly the
>stationary field pole pieces, or if the engine has been run with the
>battery connected backwards. Otherwise, repolarizarion is NEVER
>necessary. A new or used VR has no effect on polarization at all.
>I wish people would stop recommending this. In most cases, you're
>more likely to damage something than to improve something.
>It's important to know that the polarization is refreshed every time
>you start your engine and the charging system works. Polarization
>just makes sure that the generator puts out + current rather than -.
>If the polarization is backwards, the generator will discharge the
>battery instead of charging it.
>Jim Adney, jadney at vwtype3.org
>Madison, Wisconsin, USA
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