[T3] Looking for some unobtanium

Don Robertson donrob at yachtsales.com
Tue Nov 18 09:10:06 PST 2014

Two questions...  Where are you located and are you an AME?

Please respond off list to the address below.


> > Hi everyone!
> >
> > My name is Matt. I bought a Type 3 last year for my son and I to build up
> > for his first car. However I am looking for some parts. Mainly the slides
> > for the front seats. I was able to source some really nice stock front
> > seats in beautiful shape last weekend for a steal, but no slides. Can one
> > of you guys steer me in the right direction as to where these can be found
> > or if there are some parts intergchangability between models?
> >
> > A little info on myself, I have owned and repaired MG Midgets, a couple of
> > VW busses,and several modern cars. I am an aircraft mechanic by trade.
> >
> > I appreciate any and all help.
> >
> > Matt P
> > 72 Squareback
> > 65 F100
> > 07 FJ Cruiser
> >
> > Sent from my high fallutin iPhone 6 plus. LOLZ!

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