[T3] Air Presser Sensor update

Tim Keohane rheorojo at frontier.com
Sun Nov 23 09:18:12 PST 2014

After driving around for about an hour I can report the following: 
Initial startup was less than 2 revolutions to fire.
Both warm and cold there were no "hic-ups/stumbling while at a stop light waiting, while in gear. Automatic trans.
Acceleration was smooth again both warm and cold.
Those minor idling irritations are gone.
I have chased these for a long while, and rebuilt ( Jim A.) the distributor changed sensors (temp) reset timing and valves way more than necessary, rechecked fuel pressure while parked and under load, changed wires and coil, points and condenser, and TPS, all with no results.  
The "E" sensor has cured those issues. I'm sure many of the readers are thinking "duhhhh" but it ran well with the "C" APS.
Anyone else chasing irritating issues with the FI, I would recommend making sure all the components are correct for your year. I saw a diagram once that listed all the part #'s for each year and I saved it but "alas" I haven't found it yet.
 It runs like I remember it did and as it should.
Happy days and Thanksgiving here and to all of you

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