[T3] Heat exchanger advice

Keith Park topnotch at nycap.rr.com
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If the insulation is ratty, I wouldnt bother.  It tends to hold moisture and
ceramic coating already has a tough enough problem with rusting out.  There
are lot of bits and pieces of clamps around you should be able to find good
original clamps with a little looking around.

Make sure the outlets are in good shape, nice and round and the proper
diameter to seal well into the muffler inputs.


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I am in the process of rebuilding the engine in my 1972 Square.  I located
a nice pair of heat exchangers from a local scrap yard, and had them
blasted and ceramic coated--they look beautiful.

My old heat exchangers had the insulation on them, with two metal tins (one
along the bottom, and one along the curved part) over the outside of the
insulation, with everything held on by a series of metal straps.

I'm leaning towards not putting the insulation back on.  I understand that
after 1973, VW quit putting insulation on these anyway.  My insulation is
pretty nasty (oil soaked, torn, etc) and if I can get by without it, I
think I would like to.  What is the collective wisdom on foregoing the
insulation?  If climate makes a difference, I live in Northern California.
Is there any modern replacement?

Next, assuming I forgo the insulation, should I still put on the two metal
tin pieces on each side?  Are there any vendors that still sell the
original (or similar) clamps?  I'd rather not use  generic spiral-tooth
hose clamps if I can find something similar to the original look.

Once I get some time, hopefully this weekend, I'll post pictures of my
progress to-date and send a link to the gallery.

Thanks in advance,

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