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I use wheel bearing grease around the battery studs
BEFORE putting the terminal clamps on, it keeps the acid
from reaching the lead, at least for small leaks.


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On 2 Dec 2015 at 19:05, liverbeat71 wrote:

> Thing is my positive cable is badly worn with shredding and corosion.
> Pretty narly looking. Ground is rusty, maybe a good cleaning will save
> it. Shall see.

Put some baking soda and water in a jar and soak the ground cable in 
it. Dip the battery end in the same jar. You'll likely get a lot of 
foaming action that indicates the soda reacting with, and 
neutralizing, the acid. That will tell you if your battery terminal 
welds are damaged.

You can clean the top of the battery with the same solution, but be 
careful. You don't want to get any of the soda solution down inside 
the battery, and the same cracks that let acid wick up can let the 
soda solution wick down. You may be able to see foaming clustered 
around the junction between the plastic and the lead posts. That 
would be another tell-tale sign.

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