[T3] On the road again

Tim Keohane rheorojo at frontier.com
Fri Dec 18 11:31:10 PST 2015

I got the brakes back together and bled. While at that I flushed the system as well. Pretty nasty stuff emerged but now I get clear Dot 3 again. 

While under the car I replaced the ball joints on the passenger side and the outer tie rod end. The rubber boots were broken due to the head from dragging pads. I also replaced the drivers side tie rod end as that rubber had failed as well.

The left rear inner fender was crinkled so that was straightened, welded, and coated with  rubberized undercoat. 

The left rear backing plate plugs were missing over the adjustment holes and the adjusters corroded. 

I have ordered new adjusters and plugs to fix that issue. 

Took it on a test drive and no pull left or right and the brakes are firm. 

I suspect there was a bit of brake drag for quite some time as the performance feels better.          (Acceleration and coasting)

Both front turn signals are not working, and I still hear a "phet phet phet" back by the muffler exhaust. That I will enjoy chasing.

It's a joy to be back on the road again it the T3. 

Thanks Jim for the proper calipers.....

73 T3 auto

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