[T3] ANOTHER slipped belt!

Keith Park topnotch at nycap.rr.com
Thu Jul 9 17:57:03 PDT 2015


Last year the RR Kumho slipped a belt and left me with a rather rough ride
home on the highway, this year the LR

Did the same thing, although as misshapen as it was I didn't really feel it
this time and didn't notice it till the state inspection.

Granted, these tires are at end of life BUT,

Should I really NOT be rock-crawling in and out of the Neighbor's camp at
the lake?  Im pretty careful, especially the last time

As I had the boat behind me but with all that suspension height I figured I
might as well use it!  ;-)


Im just not sure if it's an age thing with these tires or weather this is
really hard on them in the rear?  Id hate to have anything happen

To the new Kumho's, as they are the last One's Ill ever have and they have
been decent tires until now.





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