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I don't  rotate tyres - the wear pattern front to rear is  completely
different.  The rears wear flat across and the fronts more  rounded, but the
tyres have deeper tread on the shoulders. If the pressures  are correct and
the front-end geometry is correct, they wear evenly (on  mine anyway).  I've
read that the tyre gets a sett in the rotation  direction first fitted, and
are better kept rolling in  that
On my type 3s I don't rotate them either. I've noticed like Dave that if  
you get things set pretty close, that you really don't get the wear like 
other  cars. In fact I've found that weather checking is more of a problem than 
wear,  as the rubber compounds have changed over the years. But, with our 
cars being so  light, I've never really had a wear issue, unless it was 
because something was  out of alignment.
Now on the other cars we have here, I'll do a tire rotation every 3rd oil  
change, or about every 10K miles. This is mainly because I'm trying to even 
out  the wear on them, along with getting a chance to inspect the brakes. 
But, I  rotate front to back, and back to front, keeping the tire going in the 
same  direction. I know it's supposed to be a myth, but I've had enough 
broken tire  belts over the years (early in my driving life) that I just keep 
them  on the same side. : )  

Bob 65 Notch  with sunroof

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