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Yea, I found stories like this for ALL the brands available at the time,
Nankang was the worse but Nexen wasnt much better... most tires are made in
China now and are crap compared to what we had 10 or 15 years ago.  That
being said, the Kumho's are the best tires Ive ever had on the Square, the
stiffest sidewalls made for the best handling tires, the best ones in the
rain, the held their balance better than any ive had (cooper, Kelley,
Michelin) and remained round... until :-)

Ive got 37K on them, they were a 44Kmi tire and I could have made that had
the belts not given way.  So I guess while they were a good tire performace
wise, the cheap rubber and CHinese manufacture aspect have caught up with

Or I need to stop rock crawling with Cheap tires!


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kumhos are chinese junk. my lowrider buddy has told me some horror stories
about them. I wouldn't touch 'em if they were $10 a piece!

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