[T3] ANOTHER slipped belt!

Daniel K. Du Vall dduvall at 1peter4-10.org
Sat Jul 11 08:24:22 PDT 2015

Factory alloy wheels and spin balanced with both side weights, done that since I picked it up in September of 98 before gm even had an advertisement for it  ;-) Havin gone to automotive school and work it for a while I am a shops worst nightmare as I tend to know what I am looking for and if they did it or not etc.. I can tell you the dealers that fixed things under warranty had their fill of me that's for sure. 

Daniel Du Vall

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On 11 Jul 2015 at 11:42, Daniel K. Du Vall wrote:

> Cupping on at least 4X4 Chevys seems a common problem this is a 1 
> owner (Being me) and I even had the front checked and verified the 
> alignment everything is as it should be.

I had cupping troubles on the front tires of my '68 Type 3 many years ago, until I found a place that could spin balance them, adding weights to both the inside and outside edges of the rims. That fixed the problem. Since spin balancing (2 plane balancing) is the norm today, it seems unlikely that this could be your problem, but I hear that some people who buy fancy wheels don't want the balance weights visible on the outside, so insist on just inside weights. That ends up being not much better than the old style static balance.  

Jim Adney, jadney at vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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