[T3] Rear wheel bearings

maroblll at coqui.net maroblll at coqui.net
Mon Jul 13 14:53:18 PDT 2015

I'm in the process of a brake job (front/rear) but then decided to bring
it up a notch and complicate my existence by replacing the wheel
bearings, seals and brake lines, rubber and solid.  M/C rebuilt is also
part of the project but my concern has to do with the rear wheel 'cause
I'm no too familiar with the process except for a Bug Me Video and the
one from  www.justcapers.com <http://www.justcapers.com> .  But both
videos show the axle tube removal and even though I could pull it out
(the project extension the carries engine and tranny removal) I don't
have a decent engine/tranny stand let alone that I would have to get new
transmission mounts, axle boots and possibly clutch, pressure plate,
throw out bearing and flywheel seal plus nut replacement while at it and
if needed!  Hints on the rear wheel bearing issue?  I do have the BBook
but I didn't find it too user friendly for this job.  Maybe I stopped
reading too soon.  Thanks in advance!
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