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Problems with false spam-positives are more likely due to your mail client,
Adam. I don't remember ever having problems with the list marking things as
spam, or missed emails, but then I filter my spam manually - around 100 a

On the UK Forum, I get a lot of trouble from gmail clients setting up to
sell us kitchens or other non-VW related things.  Maybe Gmail are reacting
to mail posted out to multiple addresses.  

On the matter of electromagnetic idle cut-off jets in Solex carbs, they are
important for our Type 3s as the flat nature of the Type 3 engine makes it
possible for fuel from a full tank to dribble into a cylinder when parked
nose up on a steep hill.  That can cause a hydraulic lock in a cylinder and
will bend a crankshaft if 'bump started' in that condition.  We had it
happen to our new 1964 Squareback, but dad avoided damage by rolling it onto
a level road, without trying to bump start it.  The service manager showed
him a connecting rod that had been bent in another new Squareback. 

I can imagine somewhere like San Francisco would have generated quite a few
goodwill claims for VW due to this problem if they had imported them back

VW subsequently fitted the electric shut off valves, which also positively
stop dieselling too, as Jim points out. I sometimes had to stamp on my
Beetle's accelerator if it ran on after turning off the ignition!

UK VW Type 3&4 Club

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Your message went into my Spam folder. This list has issues, I tell you.
You get someone's email one day and it gets filtered to spam the next.


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> Jim,
> Thanks for clearing that up. I knew about the chokes. I had no idea on 
> the other one. Good to know what it is for.

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