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Hi Lori,
Sounds like the friction surfaces are grabbing and releasing.  If the master
cylinder hasn't been working properly for a while, there may be a bit of
surface rust. Are the discs shiny, or a bit rusty? That's more common in
damp places than California, though.  The rear drums can suffer the same.
Sometimes chamfering the leading ends of the shoes helps. Were the pads or
shoes renewed, or just the M/C?  If so, they may take a little while to

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hi guys,
I finally had the master cylinder replaced in The Baroness---it had
completely given out on me.

The brakes work now, but I'm noticing 2 things.  First is a weird kind of
"chatter" when I put my foot lightly on the brake pedal.  It's like the
pedal is fighting me, in a rapid, da da da da da da da kind of push up
against my foot.

The second is a soft scree scree scree coming from (I think) the passenger
side back wheel.  I notice it when I'm coasting.  The brakes also seem to
grab very quickly and hard.

Is this normal?  I've never noticed this before.  I'm using a new guy, so I
wanted to check in with you before I take it back.

Lori and The Baroness, 71 SB AT

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