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Doug Brashear dougbrashear at yahoo.com
Fri May 1 06:45:05 PDT 2015

J L said:
> Very NICE Doug! Good to see another VA T3 on the road!
> Since she's on the road Doug, are you going to make it to BUGOUT in
> Petersburg VA this May? It's the 24th, Sunday. There's usually 2 BUGOUTS a
> yr, but this year there's only one. I think the BU may return to it's home
> next yr which is in Manassas VA.
> I'll be there. It's be nice to see that slick green fasty at this yrs BU.

Yes, I'm definitely going to be there but may be driving the bus instead. My youngest daughter is coming with me and depending on how the day goes we may camp overnight instead of heading back to NoVA same-day. If we do planning on doing it same-day, though, and I feel confident enough in the Fastback by then I'll try to bring it. 10 years of not being driven is a lot of confidence in its abilities that I have to restore, even despite all the work I've done. In particular I'm still fiddling with the brakes. After adjusting them they almost seem to have too much pedal. The brakes don't seem to drag, and definitely don't lock up, but the pedal action is a little different than what I remembered having. The whole brake system has been refreshed, though, so maybe it just needs to wear in.
- Doug :-)
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