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Doug Brashear dougbrashear at yahoo.com
Mon May 4 06:41:14 PDT 2015

Phil said:

> Did you weld in nuts or use rivet nuts to hold the rear edges of the latches?  
> On my ?71 the holes were there but there were no threaded plates or nuts, 
> and so the screws couldn't hold against the glass force.  I had assumed 
> all those late bodies with the flow-through ventilation lacked the nuts.  
> How did you attach yours?
You're right, my car didn't originally have any type of tapped/threaded screw holes, but there may have been plain holes. Though it was a long time ago I believe I used sheet metal screws like those used for grounding to the frame or generally holding lighter loads to the body. With two screws for each latch I never had a problem with the window's force pulling the screws from their holes. That said, I do need to shim in the latches a bit to pull a bit harder on the windows, as they're not suite seating against the seal as well as I'd like them to.
Took the car on the highway for the first time this past weekend and it handles and runs very well. I hope to have the front-end aligned in the next few days and then I'll fine tune the steering wheel mounting (it's a different wheel that I bought back when I received the insurance settlement from the accident, so the alignment marks from the stock steering wheel didn't translate over). 

- Doug :-)
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